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10 free worksheets to help your family during these difficult times. As a whole, it promotes the importance to reflect on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, enhancing self-care, self-awareness and self-confidence being gained. These tools also offer the ability to help your family reconnect through communication and more. This workbook is ideal for both individual members and a family unit as a whole.

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It is nothing but understandable to be feeling downbeat, stressed and tired with all that has happened this past year. All the fears, worries, changes, losses… and then… ‘HOMESCHOOLING’. However, when feeling this way, it can become all too easy to become blind-sighted to the way we may have changed as individuals and within our parenting manner also. An area that is possibly impacting upon your children. This also works the other way too, how your children’s behaviour is impacting upon you. Within this workbook, there are two worksheets for children to complete (with a soft approach) for you to gain understanding as to if they are struggling with possible anxiety or depression. If the outcome of these worksheets is that they just may, then I would recommend that you use this knowledge to gain further resources to help support them, or yourself. I have various mental health workbooks, being a great way to start their overcoming of related issues. For more information, view the content the workbook best suited for you.