Mindful Art Therapy Workbook For Adults & Teenagers

A positive mental health and emotional wellbeing workbook with a difference. 10 therapeutic worksheets encouraging and enhancing positive mental attitude, mental health, emotional wellbeing, self-esteem/confidence/awareness/reflection… and much more. Each worksheet has been created in a unique manner, offering the well-known tools of mandalas but with an added beneficial difference. Each worksheet focuses on a different spirit-related animal and offers a different reflective question in relation. Not only as an overview in life but most certainly regarding our current times. These tools enhance your ability to connect with deeper thoughts and feelings, gaining new strengthens and self-awareness.


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Statistics of mental health-related issues have sadly increased by a third since the start of Covid-19 alone. Being a private mental health counsellor, sadly, these latest statistics reflect upon the amount of inquires I receive weekly regarding children’s anxiety and other mental health-related issues. Therefore, I urge the importance of mindfulness: the need to reduce time away from technology and enhance time available to self-care: adults, teens and children alike. 

With all the various options of technology available to us today within modern society, it’s all too easy for us to become bombarded with a (somewhat false) sense of sensory stimuli (eyesight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) via Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, TV, mobiles, gaming… All ‘things’ that have become ‘important’ within one’s life.

Sadly, the results of such are: 

  • Reduced awareness of self, others, environment and the happenings around us. 
  • Reduced communication and interaction with our loved ones.
  • Reduced emotional availability.
  • Reduced love, care, affection, and attention being given and received.
  • Reduced brain functioning abilities.
  • Reduced amount of sleep.
  • Reduced self-worth and self-securities… and much more.

The Outcome:

The more hours in a day any one person spends on any form of technological device/app will dramatically reduce their ability to receive sensory stimuli (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) elsewhere. Therefore, our mental health and emotional wellbeing’s are severely likely to suffer. This will be as a result of many reasonings, but in short, individual needs (conscious and unconscious) going unmet and/or ignored. Therefore: thoughts and feelings fester, behaviours change and difficulties occur, more and more. Yet, it is all too easy for us to avoid the potential fundamental issue here: the use of technology being used. 

The terminology I present here is given only in a general overview regarding modern society, mental health and the implications of technology.

Adult’s & Teen’s Mindful Art Therapy Workbooks

Due to the various implications of coronavirus and the untold number of sudden changes being forced upon us in relation, sadly, has left the majority of us in a crisis, one way or another. Not one thing within our life’s existence could have or has been able to prepare us in our ability to cope with such dramatic/traumatising restrictions. Not knowing what to do, again, easily set’s us up to spend more on technology to pass time by, rather than to process what is really going on for us in the present.

Each worksheet focuses on a different spirit-related animal within the form of the well-known use of mandalas, and each offers a different reflective question in relation. Not only as an overview within your life but most certainly, regarding your current times. helping the promotion of the below benefits:

  • Encourage self-awareness to appreciate areas in life that may have not been identified prior.
  • Promote the ability to reflect on any potential changes needing to be made to benefit you and your family. 
  • Promote the importance of the need to self-care/reflect, benefiting all of your family.
  • Improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Improve focus and concentration skills.
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem.
  • Relief of stress and anxiety.
  • Exercising the mind, enhancing brain functioning and cognitive skills.
  • Express thoughts and feelings.
  • Promote mindfulness and being present.
  • Encourage self-discovery and self-awareness. 
  • Enhance the ability to communicate. 
  • Increase creativity and productivity.
  • Improve mood and behaviour.
  • Encouragement of creating coping-skills and management techniques.
  • Develop emotional understanding and intelligence. 
  • Promoting positive mental attitude (PMA).
  • Build resilience and patience.
  • Strengthen alignment between self and environment.
  • Enhance rationale and reduce irrational.
  • … and much more. 
  1. The Hawk.
  2. The Dragonfly.
  3. The Turtle.
  4. The Lion.
  5. The Hummingbird.
  6. The Horse.
  7. The Fox.
  8. The Deer.
  9. The Butterfly.
  10. The Frog. 


Children’s Art Therapy workbooks are also available. These are a great tool to self-care, enjoying your alone time in peace and quiet, away from all the stresses of the day with the ability to concentrate on your own self-reflection and awareness. Yet, they also create an amazing opportunity to enhance and promote positive changes within your family, working together as a connected unit. By doing your own Art Therapy workbooks together not only allows you to spend quality time with your children in a relaxing way (something that may be non-existent of late) but can have dramatic advantages in the ability to strengthen: relationships, communications, mental health, emotional wellbeing, needs of individuals both consciously and unconsciously, self-worth/esteem/confidence…

The benefits of these Art Therapy workbooks are very likely to be priceless.