Privacy Policy Agreement

The data controller is: Kylea Sustek – Private Counselling in Havering.

The following information is for you to read, understand and accept that the listed information I, Kylea Sustek, holds manually as a Counsellor as well as that of my website:


My website uses cookies. These are small text files that are placed on your computer by any websites that you visit. These cookies are used in order to make websites work efficiently and to provide information to the owners of the site about people’s use of it.  These ‘session cookies’ are stored only temporarily during your browsing session to keep track of your movement from page to page so you do not get asked for the same information you’ve already given to the site. All individuals can change their browser setting so all cookies are deleted once the sites browser is closed. Personal Information from your device is collected such as geolocation data, IP address, unique identifiers (e.g. MAC address) and other information which relates to your activity through the site. You can also choose your use of cookies via the pop up cookie notification and by following the instructions of your device preferences.

What do I use this information for?

Personal information is used for me to communicate with you and for use if ever an emergency situation occurred. This information is only for the purpose of use for myself; Kylea Sustek – Private Counselling in Havering.

Sharing Information

I adhere to the Date Protection Policy by ensuring all your information that I hold in the form of written content, including; client notes (which are short and of content only I could understand,) printed emails, text massages, letters, reports, agreements and referral documents, will not be shared. A breach of this confidentiality agreement is if I were to be called upon the court of law. 

For exceptions, please visit the BACP website.

Storage of Information

All clients’ information is stored within a locked filing cabinet without personal identity attached. I am the only person whom has access to these. However, in the event of my unfortunate death, I have a Living Will where an appropriate person, whom has been allocated to my Supervisor, would take ownership of these records and therefore would then notify you accordingly and then manage the safe storage and destruction of your information as per agreement. Any electronic devices cannot be accessed by any other but myself and have multiple password requirements. 


After 4 years your information will be destroyed safely and securely. Any electronic records and information such as emails will be printed within four weeks of the date being received and, where appropriate, added to your file held within the locked cabinet only I have access to. All other information will be deleted. If you choose not to continue with counselling after your assessment session your information will be disposed of 2 weeks after as confidential waste. 

Your rights under GDPR

All the information you provide, I retain under the GDPR regulation. All information needs to be correct and kept up-to-date and you are responsible for informing me of any relevant changes as soon as possible so I can update records accordingly. You have the right at any time to revoke your consent and for your information to be destroyed at any time. I am duty bound to ensure I abide to your request unless there is any other residing legislation preventing me from doing so at the time.

Kylea Sustek
MBACP Dip. Cons – Counsellor
Private Counselling in Havering