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A death is not just A loss.
A loss is not just A loss.
A loss is B,C,D,E,F,GAnd more.

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Experiencing loss and grief within our lives is rarely due to a loved one’s death, or any traumatising events that we may occur. Loss and grief effect’s us all greatly, much more often than we are aware. In my opinion, if this factual information were to be better understood within today’s society, significant reductions within physical and mental health-related issues would be achieved.

The Ripple Effect

Imagine throwing a stone into water, you’ll be aware that it will then create ongoing ripple effects, right?
From that one simple action, as the stone, strikes the surface of the water creating a sudden pressure onto that initial area which then sees the surrounding water push aside. This action continues to repeat and therefore various ongoing ripples are formed. If this stone skims the water, this process is repeated until the stone falls down into the water.
This same rippling effect relates to our own life experiences.
Imagine that the stone thrown into the water is, (known within psychology) as our primary loss. The ripples that form from this initial impact are our secondary loss.

Examples of Primary Loss

Separation/Divorce Mental Health A Death Relationship Difficulties

Examples of Secondary Losses

Losses of Losses of Losses of Losses of
Family unit/members Self-control Ability to move forward in life Identity & self-worth
Finances Socialization Questions being answered Communication
Self-esteem & Confidence Employment Feeling fulfilled & Complete Affection
Fulfilment Identity Resilience Appreciation
Responsibilities & Roles Rational Thoughts & Feelings Support & Guidance Consideration
Home Safety Faith & Religious believes Respect
Belongings Acceptance Relationships & Roles Attention
Morals & Values Relationships Happiness Kindness
Identity & Self-worth Concentration Opportunities Patience
Opportunities Opportunities Time Awareness
Career Independence Love, Care & Affection Trust
Support Self-care Self-control & Coping Skills Support
Trust Freedom Mental Wellbeing Self-esteem & Confidence
Stability Emotional Wellbeing Understanding Satisfaction
Love, Intimacy & Affection Existence Security Sex/Intimacy

And the list goes on…

The amount of, unconscious, losses that you may be experiencing will be related to you, again unconsciously, be grieving for. Whether this is within yourself and/or your relationship.

Shock/Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Working with me, I will help you to bring your unconscious losses into your conscious awareness. Therefore, once you come to understand the things that you are missing within your life and/or relationship/s, you then have the power to change these matters, going on to implement various self-gains from here.

The outcome: You become the best version of yourself.

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