At what cost is your psychical and mental health more important?

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Coronavirus Update

I want to reassure you that my private counselling service remains available to you during this pandemic. However, appointments in person are not able to take place at present. Therefore, appointments are currently taking place via phone or video platforms. Whilst we may not be together in person, I can guarantee that my help and support remains the same for you, throughout. Face-to-Face sessions will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.

Initial Consultation - First 30-minutes free of charge.

I understand & appreciate that the thought of counselling alone can become overwhelming, creating anxiety, fear and doubt and therefore, seeming an unnecessary scary process. The fact is, counselling is more often than not, a LIFE CHANGING experience. Finding and working with the right counsellor for you and your needs is detrimental to you achieving the outcomes that you desire, gaining the most beneficial experience to enhance your life and everything within it. An initial consultation helps both you and I to gain insight into whether or not we are right for one another, in regards to moving you forward in life. A full 50-minute session is always required and therefore, by offering the first initial 30-minutes free of charge, reduces your initial cost to just £25 for individuals and £45 for couples.

Individual Counselling

Pay as you go on each session.


Couples Counselling

Pay as you go on each session.